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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Oblomov in Manhattan,  Patrick Healy





Welcome to Synonym Books. We are a brand new publisher of poetry, fiction and artist's books, established in 2011 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We publish contemporary authors in the English language, as well as translations of work previously unavailable to the English reader. Our aim is to produce writing and art that stands out, both in terms of quality as well as in the design and execution of our publications.







Amsterdam, 18 October 2011


On Friday 21 October 2011, Patrick Healy will give an introductory lecture on Hilarius Hofstede's De Markies van Water  followed by a performance in which part of the book will be read.



 Location:  Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam.

 Time:  20.00 hrs.



Rare copies of De Markies van Water, as well as an illustrated

printing of Healy's lecture will be available on the night.



This will be a rare opportunity. Don't miss it!




For more information, visit the Arti website.




The Papyrus Dream launched!


Amsterdam, September 24 2011


The launch of Patrick Healy's poetry volume The Papyrus Dream  was

a roaring success. The book was presented to an audience of hundreds gathered for the opening night of the exhibition "Remain in Light" in a steaming Amsterdam venue packed from wall to wall. 


Synonym would like to thank all those who helped make this wonderful evening possible, in particular Hilarius Hofstede, Robin van Erven Dorens and Daniel Caffrey.





Healy takes his time to sign a copy of The Papyrus Dream for

English critic Adrian Dannatt (here seen on the back), while a queue

of poetry afficionados builds up behind him. (Photo: NL)







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Friday 21 October 2011

One night only!

Patrick Healy reads from

De Markies van Water.


The Papyrus Dream is available at Arti et Amicitiae

until the 30th of  October 2011.


Launch of The Papyrus Dream  on 23 September, 2011, during the opening of "Remain in Light".